Borage Seed Oil

A blooming field of borage with its royal purple color is unmistakable in appearance. Close up inspection reveals something even more dramatic; blooms which are bright fluorescent blue in colour, hold the beginnings of a new crop of seed in its early stages of development. At maturity, these oil rich seeds are expeller pressed yielding an oil which is highly prized by healthfood manufacturers. It also receives focused attention from mainstream and alternative healthcare practitioners. The most notable essential fatty acid GAMMA LINOLENIC ACID draws the interest of researchers around the world.

Our borage seed oil:

  • Canadian origin, locally grown
  • Expeller pressed (“cold pressed”), filtered and un-refined
  • original colour and aroma
  • Gamma linolenic acid content as high as 25%
  • Herbicide / Pesticide residue free
  • A detailed Certificate of Analysis supplied with each shipment
  • Certified KOSHER